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Road Trip with Big Nerdy Biker on his B-day - Traverse City, MI to the UP crossing Mackinac

Happy Birthday to me..., well it was when I filmed this. On this Ride Along video we pick up a few miles from where we left off in the last Ride Along ( and make our way Over the Mackinac Bridge into St Ignace in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. We got Time Lapse at the end of the somewhat famous (infamous possibly) Indian Village Gift Shop as well

These ride along video are kind of meant to be something you just put on the TV and let it run (like the Yule Log video at Christmas). I encourage bars to use these videos as I make them to add to their ambiance. I use YouTube provided free music to drown out any copyright music to avoid claims (otherwise said "crank up the jukebox").

Thank you for supporting the channel and website…, I’ve done what I can to make it easy to communicate with me. You can obviously chat with me here, but I am also available on most social media at @BigNerdyBiker.


"Music Credits " Some of the listed music may not have actually been used in this video Some music in this video is used under the YouTube Audio Library License and requires no attribution, but are credited in the video itself.

All those songs (and more) may be found in the YouTube Studio under “Audio Library” for your own use as well. Other songs attributed below with license information "Additional Music

If you are an artist and would like to have your music featured in my videos, reach out to me at

If you enjoy the video, hit me up on the other social medias or hook a guy up on the Amazon Wishlist or hit The Merch Store

As always, I thank you so much for your support…, and I hope to see you again down the road…"

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