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Ways to Help us Out

Keeping these videos coming out and trying to create cool shirts for everyone takes a lot of time, effort, and money.  A 20 minute riding video usually takes a minimum of 8 hours for me between editing the 360 video, then making the YouTube video. That does not include the costs of going out to eat or doing things just for the sake of a video.  Now, I'm not in this for the money, but if you want to help a guy out...


First, the cheapest and easiest way:  tell your friends.  The times I disappear from the socials are when I feel like I've worked a ton on these videos and gotten no recognition, every like, share and subscribe on every platform means the world to me.

The Best way to directly help is to hit my Amazon Wishlist (link opens in new window) - Buying something off my Amazon Wishlist sends it straight to me.  There's gift cards to help with on the road and production costs, dog items, things for the channel for on screen or for production off screen... admittedly some crazy stuff on there too.

The Big Nerdy Biker Merch Store (link opens in new window) - This gives you something to show for the help, I keep the prices low (far lower than the store suggests)..., so I don't make much, but the validation is immeasurable because I'm also trying super hard to make cool gear for everyone.

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